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How to Boost Your Local SEO Listing by Publishing Content

How to Boost Your Local SEO Listing by Publishing Content

by Philip Armstrong18th May 2015

Publishing great quality content is an integral part of a well-rounded SEO campaign, but if done right it can also boost your local SEO rankings

There are over 200 ranking factors which dictate your website’s overall visibility in the SERPs, and the content that you publish on and around your website makes up some of those factors.

For boosting your site’s local listing however, it is not enough to just write highly useful and engaging content; it helps to also write locally targeted content which includes keywords which are specific to local searches and which activate local listings on the results page.

It is also a benefit to put local specific keywords into the title and body of your article, if the inclusion is appropriate and adds value.

Once you have written your locally relevant content, the next step is to distribute and publish your content on a selection of local oriented online properties:


Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are extremely useful and free method of promoting your content where they can attract the correct audience and get shared. Actively sharing the content of other local businesses is a good way to get yourself noticed and perhaps get a share back in return.

Leveraging your personal Facebook profile can also be a great way to get extra exposure, but posting onto neighbourhood-based Facebook groups.


Websites, Blogs, and Bulletin Boards

Searching for websites that provide information about happenings/events in your local area is another great avenue to try. If you are able to contact the website owner then it should be easy to get your content posted on their blog, or bulletin board if you are announcing an event.


Local Community Forums/Pages

If there are forums dedicated to your local area, or forums which have a sub-section dedicated to your local area, then this is a great place to publish and promote your content. For example if your business is a restauranteur, you can search for forums which announce and discuss newly opening restaurants or restaurants in your general area.

Forums generally do not carry high authority and often do not provide do-follow links, but there is value in having a brand citation on the website and a link for interested users to reach your website.


Local News Providers

Local news sites are always looking for a fresh story. If you have something news worthy and relevant, then you should definitely try to get your article published on one of your area’s local news sites. News sites provider a much greater authority than your average website. In order to be accepted, your content will need to be of a very high standard, but the benefits make it worth the effort.


Review Sites, Local Directories, & Third Party Apps

Appearing on review sites and local directories are inherently valuable, giving credibility to your business and allowing users to make more informed buying decisions. Appearing on these properties is also especially important for visibility in the local listings, as a result of the Pigeon update.

Where possible, take advantage of the opportunity to post additional information/content/responses.



Make sure to take full advantage of all of the online properties available to promote your content, from social media to review sites. You should focus on quality content, that is locally related, and on publishing your content on websites/properties which have the potential to deliver high authority/Page Rank/trust. There is little point in posting your content on websites which are not well-maintained.

Are there online properties you use to publish content that are not already mentioned in this article? Tell us in the comments section below:

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