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Facebook Post Search Soon to be Available on Android Phones

Facebook Post Search Soon to be Available on Android Phones

by Ben Wittams-Smith7th April 2015

In December a new bit of functionality, allowing users to search for old posts, photos or videos was released on Facebook. This search function is soon to be extended to Android devices.

Owners of Android phones have had a long wait since being left out when Facebook introduced its new search functionality in December, but they are finally being given access to the search function, as confirmed by a Facebook spokesperson.

Originally named Graph Search, the new search feature has been appropriately renamed as Facebook Search.


What About Your Privacy?

The search function only allows you to search for posts that have been shared with you, and only allows your friends to search for posts that you shared with them in the past.

There are settings that allow you to choose the audience for each post you make. For example if you post a video, you can choose to have it accessible to either yourself only, or you can include friends, or the even the public.

If you would like old photos to not be accessible to other users via search, whether it be the public, or your friends, you can review old posts via your Activity Log and alter the privacy settings accordingly.

U.S. English Only

The search feature is currently only available when using the U.S. English language settings, with no indication of whether or not the functionality will be extended to other users.

However as it is such a useful tool, and one which users have been requesting for quite some time, it is very likely that Facebook will look to add in other languages to the search feature.

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