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A definitive guide to sending your product sales figures on Amazon through the roof

A definitive guide to sending your product sales figures on Amazon through the roof

by Samir7th October 2014

Anyone who has used Amazon or Amazon FBA recently to make sales – for both business and personal purposes –will be fully aware of the wide range of benefits that comes from doing so. This is because of the huge allure it enjoys from providing both people and companies with a huge, worldwide marketplace to promote their products, at unbelievably low costs.

It is because of these reasons that they have been identified to have over 160 million users from the U.S every quarter and been recently afforded the accolade of Europe’s most popular website. In fact, figures quoted by the New York Times have suggested online businesses and marketers should actually ditch Google Shopping and market their products on Amazon instead, with itinerary searches rising 73% on the latter but reaching a plateau on the search engine king’s flagship marketing platform.

If you are currently selling your products online, and are using things such as Google Shopping to do so, then it is strongly advised that you either change your advertising medium to Amazon, or adopt a holistic approach incorporating both, because the reality is that there is far more money to be made using Amazon’s FBA in some way than opting to use the route offered by Google.

Unsure about how you should market your products and business effectively on Amazon, in order to enjoy your share of their promised rewards? Well that’s completely fine because our top tips will explain and elaborate four things you should adopt into your Amazon marketing strategy, in order to ensure your profit margins soar through the roof and your brand’s profile is cemented.

1) Advertise your items as unique

Establishing your businesses products as unique from its competitors is not only the key to making a higher frequency of sales within Amazon, it is also the best way of making sales at more expensive prices. The reality is that if the items you are selling appear exactly the same as others on offer from different or more reputable brands, then the majority of consumers will revert to choosing the products which are cheapest, or have the highest reviews. As such, making sure you do something different in the way you advertise your items is integral to ensuring that it attains the lion share of business from its area in the market.

Consider the following:

  • Provide shipping costs – Though you will need to conduct regular analysis of the impact this is having on your number of sales and whether it is proving to be profitable for you
  • Stress the strengths of your product and how users can improve their lives with it, rather than highlighting its features
  • Advertise your products in a multitude of attractive and different colours, or a broader range than your industry competitors
  • Target your products at a certain group if analytical history has taught you that certain types of people are more inclined to purchase it, e.g. toys at children or car parts at men
  • Emphasise your products health benefits, its simplicity, its family friendliness or its speed in function. Highlighting the strength of one feature will allow you to create a primary selling-point, which will simplify the process of marketing it across different platforms
  • Offer some of your products in a bundle at a slightly lower cost – this will enhance the profile and sales of various products you are selling and will induce more profitable conversions
  • Market your product in relation to a noteworthy event that is prominent in the news at present, or to a celebrity who has associated themselves with your product-type in the past
  • Emphasise an issue or area of difficulty that your product directly addresses, such as a cleaning product addressing lime scale, rust and staining all-in-one. Taking this approach instantly promotes the real value of your product and entices potential buyers who are looking for solutions to their day-to-day difficulties
  • Advertise the longevity or quality of your guarantee

2) Assemble a superior Keyword Catalogue – Quite simply put, the inclusion of a single targeted keyword to your catalogue can directly induce more traffic to your items. However, how do you identify such keywords?

I would personally recommend either utilising the Amazon website itself and looking at the potential keywords contained within the dropdown section in the search tool, or looking on Google.

However, you could also consider using one of Web CEO or Merchant Words in order to conduct your keyword identification, though a thorough analysis can only be done on a paid-for basis on these programmes. As such, I would weigh up how desperately you are in need of having your keyword research done for you, rather than going manual and identifying them yourself.

3) Write alluring and engaging titles for your products

The product titles you decide to attach to all of your different items are essential to their success, fundamentally because they appear in a multitude of different viewing areas for consumers to click on. As well as appearing on your products listing section, it might also turn up on Amazon’s best-selling page as well as their search results. Moreover, Amazon actually adds up the number of keywords you use within your product titles when deciding which position to assign it within its own search pages.

As your first call-to-action for a prospective customer, your product title needs to capture their attention immediately in order to deter them from looking elsewhere. Phrasing your title in a way which makes them buy into the experience of using your product, rather than simply digesting its features will put you in a strong position to induce a marginal conversion.

As a rule of thumb, I would include the following within your product title: Brand Name, Product description, Product Type + something which distinguishes your product from similar items on the marketplace.

4) Nail your bullet points describing product attributes

Optimising Amazon’s bullet point section which allows you to describe your product’s features on your listings page is of paramount importance to its overall success, because it is this area of your Amazon store which will be the most frequently read by prospective customers. In order to ensure that all of your bullets are effective at attracting and converting customers, you should think about:

  • Who is your target audience for each product? By making this identification, you will be able to understand what it is that people want and need when searching for a product such as yours. You can then tailor your product descriptions and selling points in a manner which directly fulfils both for your target customer base.
  • Which aspects of your product put it above its competitors? Highlighting the superior quality of your products is an important way of convincing consumers to purchase from you, instead of a rival, though you will need to be able to back up claims or be at risk of receiving negative reviews or feedback when you fail to live up to the standard hyped in your promotions.

An example of this would be: The groundbreaking Alpha Bellismo is capable of making 15 continental styles of coffee and is functionally optimised to produce your dream cup in a under 30 seconds. The machine itself is minimal maintenance and utilises cutting-edge technology to use solar power, on those mornings when you feel like coming to life in the sun.


The sheer size of the Amazon Marketplace, combined with the low costs it asks from marketers to advertise their stock on their worldwide platform means that Amazon is not only an excellent way to enhance the profile of your brand and induce but conversions but the way to capture online sales, at the highest frequency, at the most expensive costs. With the number of Amazon users growing considerably faster than the Google Shopping contingent, it is rapidly becoming apparent that optimising your businesses profile and marketing strategy on Amazon’s domain is the immediate future of online product marketing.

What’s more, achieving these aims is simply; by focusing on positioning your product n the right way, and taking time to really consider which differential points you should promote it with, you will be able to market your products in a way that makes them attractive to the type of person who would actually buy them, whilst also painting them in a manner which makes roaming consumers believe it is worth paying more for them than cheaper competitors. Achieving this aim is the key to breaking the online market; think Apple, think Specsavers. These brands do not necessarily offer the best products within their industry, but they have marketed themselves in a way which makes a large proportion of consumers prepared to pay a premium to acquire their products. Applying the same philosophy to your products advertised on Amazon is the best way of making money on their platform, and you should take time and care refining your product features, titles, descriptions and keywords in order to claim your stake in the boundless rewards available to businesses who seize the day and realise that Amazon is the present and future of digital product marketing.


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