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Bing and Yahoo’s Service Suspended By Use of Bad Code

Bing and Yahoo’s Service Suspended By Use of Bad Code

by Philip Armstrong9th January 2015

A new update by Bing and Yahoo which included a small snippet of badly written code prevented users from making searches over the weekend. During the down-time on Friday after-noon, instead of users seeing the usual search bar, instead they were greeted with a message saying Yahoo engineers were working hard to resolve the situation.

According to an inside source contacted by (Click Here), the problem was not caused by an external attack, but came from an internal error.

In order to fix the error, a roll-back procedure was put in place, which then failed. This forced Mircosoft (whoes search engine, Bing, powers Yahoo according to their ten year contract) to shut-down their servers until the problem was resolved.

Then once the issue had been fully resolved, Yahoo experienced a major back-log of user queries coming through.

This is an unfortunatel incident to occur, after Yahoo and Bing have experienced an increase in their market share and are looking to keep the momentum going; and is also a bad way to start the New Year.

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