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4 Digital Marketing Trends Set To Take Off in 2015

4 Digital Marketing Trends Set To Take Off in 2015

by Samir23rd January 2015

Though digital marketing strategies are constantly evolving and fluctuating in their relevance, there are a number of developments to look out for this year. In this article, we focus on 4 trends likely to take 2015 by storm!

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Mobile Might

The future of social media access undoubtedly involves significant use of the mobile phone. At present, 4 out of 10 social media users access these sites through their mobiles and 3 out of 10 do this exclusively.

Companies that are not prepared technologically and strategically to establish themselves on this platform will lose out as this is a trend that is likely to accelerate through 2015. This does not refer purely to social media but all PR, content and design will be done with mobile providing the principle screen in which customers receive their information.

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The Resurrection of Creativity

Though the notion that we are to witness a return to creativity has to be taken with a pinch of salt – the last decade has seen a tidal wave of innovative and ground-breaking marketing schemes – there is a feeling that in recent years the focus has been on technological evolution to the detriment of other areas of digital marketing.

Whilst information accumulation and pay per click programs serve an indisputable purpose in the industry, it is necessary to examine the driving idea behind the data? What aspect of human behaviour is the campaign appealing to and what characteristic must the customer indulge in, in order to engage with the product? What strategy can be concocted in order to combine technological advances with company ideology and commercial success?

This year offers the opportunity to answer such questions and there will be many in the digital marketing world putting more focus on taking that opportunity.

Content is king conept in word tag cloud

Content is still…yeah you guessed it…King!

With the amount of user-generated content resulting from the democratic indulgence of the internet, along with limitless email, push notifications and infinitely long scroll-feeds, there is a growing demand for concise, purposeful and professional content.

The demand will mean an increasing focus on the quality of content, as ultimately marketing is about delivering a message to the consumer in the most effective way. Further to this, authenticity in the authorship has become an increasing issue and there will be a concentration on developing this field in 2015.

businessman with telescope

Building For the Future

Whilst reaching the zenith of digital marketing- the content specific, customer personalised campaign-remains a distant dream, 2015 will see marketers move closer to this goal. This involves the integration of various disparate elements of the industry by connecting data, online/offline technology systems and platforms.

One of the great ambitions for marketers is the ability to connect what we do online with what happens outside of it, in the physical world. In 2015 we will see the industry take a step closer to realising this, when credit and loyalty card companies beginning to utilize the data they have gathered in-store to direct their online advertising. This attempt to connect seemingly distinct elements will apply to the customers’ different devices as well.

However, the intention goes beyond the internet and technological aspects of the industry. Digital marketers will attempt to integrate operational and managerial structures and conjoin teams of all disciplines and specialities in order to optimize performance.

Avi Dan, Agency search consultant, corroborates this view, stating that chief marketing officers would need to start amalgamating their message “across business units, geographies and functional groups.” This is the future when it comes to constructing a more appealing package for the consumer.

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