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7th July 2015

Google Adwords Locations Update: New User Ratings

Adwords Location Extensions Can Now Show User Ratings & Reviews

Local businesses that have accumulated ratings and reviews can now enjoy (or not enjoy) the inclusion of these ratings as part of their location extensions for their paid search ads in Google.

The ratings will be eligible to show if location extensions have been enabled through Google My Business, without the requirement for any additional steps by the advertiser.

These new features will however not be be available for mobile devices, and there do not appear to be any plans to include them for smart phones.


Potentially Increasing CTR

The inclusion of both ratings and reviews [...]

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11th June 2015

The Definitive Guide to Adwords Keyword Match Types

Need clarification on when you should be using Exact, Phrase, Broad, and Modified Broad match keywords? This guide’s for you!

Keywords form the basis of any Adwords search campaign. Everything stems from your keyword selection – the ad group structure, the ad text, and the bidding.

Despite the keywords being the most influential ingredient of a campaign, many advertisers remain unsure of exactly how the match types work, and how they define exactly which keywords we end up bidding on when we use them.

Let’s start by looking at each of the match types and what effect they have on the keywords we ultimately target with our ads.

Match Type Format KWs [...]
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11th June 2015

The Best Retargeting Companies Compared

Search retargeting is the future of marketing, but with so many companies around it can be difficult to find the best solution for your website.


Retargeting in a nutshell

The aim or retargeting is to create lists of users who have already been to your website and carried out certain series of actions (tracking is key here).

These users can then be targeted on an ongoing basis as they visit different websites which serve display ads, i.e. websites with Adsense, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Users can be targeted different based on their past behaviour.

There are many remarketing companies around, all with slightly different services.

Below [...]

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5th June 2015

Are You Ready for The New SEO Tool That Will Disavow Your Toxic Links Faster Than Ever Before? has Released a Tool That Will Help SEO’s Defend Against Link Spam and Google Penalties

Every SEO and website owner’s worst nightmare is getting the message that they’ve been hit by a Google penalty.

Both negative SEO and spammy link-building strategies from low quality providers can threaten the long-term ranking of a website within the search engines.

With the birth of’s, a new revolutionary tool that quickly and effectively disavows poor quality and spammy links, these nightmares could become a thing of the past.


How Does Work?

It helps to know first what a disavow file is, and how the [...]

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