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11th December 2014

How Visuals are the Future of Social Media Marketing & our top Social Platforms!  

Social Media Marketing is and will always be about captivating people as quickly as possible and this is far easier said than done in such a competitive, dynamic field. It is imperative that marketers keep up with current trends and at present, users are progressively leaning more and more to visual learning.

Images and graphics are far easier to instantly seize user’s attention than textual content, which is not to say that the written word is goes underappreciated in social media marketing, rather people enjoy the convenience and speed entailed in processing a vibrant, snappy yet informative graphic.

Fredrick R. Barnard wrote in 1921 that ‘a picture paints a thousand [...]

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19th November 2014

Spring back from an increasing bounce rate!

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11th November 2014

Building your business on Google Plus, The infographic visual guide

In a short space of time, Google Plus has undergone a meteoric rise on the social media scene, and now occupies a position directly alongside the titans of the game, Twitter and Facebook. The reality is that if you own a business, and you are failing to incorporate Google Plus into your strategies, then you are missing out on a substantial degree of website traffic, and a potential rise in your site’s visibility within search engines. Outside of link building and on-site SEO, social media is an essential part of any online strategy.

The following infographic will serve as a visual guide to anyone who is not well-versed in the platform of Google Plus about how to optimally use [...]

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30th October 2014

Less is More – What contributes to increased form conversions?

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