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24th July 2015

Do Not Ask for Links! Google Threatens Action Against Webmasters That Ask for Links to Their Site

Google representatives state that webmasters should never ask for links, and that this behaviour is against their guidelines

One of Google’s most recent posts on the Portugese webmaster blog has stated that not is is the practice of buying links against Google’s guidelines, but the mere act of asking for links also against their terms of service.

The author from Google, Diogo Bothelho, stated:

“não compre, venda, troque ou peça links,” which translates to “do not buy, sell, exchange or ask for links.”

This is consistent with comments from John Mueller, who has in the past advised uses to “avoid link building [...]

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17th July 2015

The Evolution of Link Building: Is Blackhat a Thing of the Past?

The art of link building has evolved over-time, and with strategies developing in-line with search engine updates, are blackhat methods becoming a thing of the past?

Search engine manipulation for many SEOs is becoming an unsustainable strategy. Ranking websites by building “unnatural” links is becoming increasingly difficult due to the advances in:

Google’s algorithm Manual reviewers and even other marketers reporting to the spam team

Many SEOs still enjoy success through manipulation of search engine algorithms, especially with the use of ‘churn and burn’ websites which are designed to rank high for short periods of time before being spotted. For long-term rankings [...]

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14th July 2015

Bing Ads Now Offers Visualised Demographics and Reach Data

US advertisers will now have access to demographics data across a variety of sectors

For Bing advertisers who are wondering what the reach of their ads will be in their sector, Bing are now offering demographic information of the searchers on both Bing and Yahoo. The data is presented within an easy to understand visualisation.



The data is accessible through, and is sourced from various studies carried out by comScore. Data can be broken down in different sectors such as: education; health; technology; telecoms; retail; and travel.


Bing have said that they are working on international versions, and [...]

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13th July 2015

Bing Introduces Pong Game in Their Search Results

Bing now lets you play pong directly within their search results

For those who were alive when Pong first hit the gaming scene in 1972, the addition of the two-dimensional table tennis simulator to the Bing search results will be nostalgically welcomed.



Games have advanced infinitely since the 70’s, and Pong isn’t likely to capture your attention for longer than a couple minutes, however it does act as a nice novelty to users. This is very similar to how Google often provides interactive games to users in their search results, like Pac Man:



Google place a lot of pride on their Doodles, [...]

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