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Don’t Miss This Live Stream From Adwords

Don’t Miss This Live Stream From Adwords

by Philip Armstrong8th December 2014

On Wednesday the 10th of December, Jerry Dischler, the Vice President of Adword’s Project Management will be recapping the developments in Adwords over the last year in a 30 minute live stream.

Jerry will be looking at mobile attribution, automated bidding strategies, app promotion ads, and general best practices.

The stream promises to be very informative, but if that’s not enough to make you want to tune in for 30 minutes of your time, Jerry has said that they will be ending the stream with an announcement that we “won’t want to miss”… mysterious!

The stream will be starting at 12.30pm Pacific/2:20 Eastern. In order to register click here – all that is required is your name, company name, and email.


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Philip Armstrong
Philip Armstrong is a content writer for the Just SEO newsroom. Having served as an Adword's manager for a number of paid search campaigns, he is an expert in spending money to make money, and regularly contributes in-depth articles on the latest news and updates on pay-per-click (PPC) matters.

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