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17th February 2015

Alternatives to Using the Google Adwords Search Network

Alternatives to Using the Google Adwords Search Network

One of the biggest criticisms of pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is that it can be very expensive. Cost-per-clicks in Adwords can be as high as £40 for the most competitive niches, and without a well-optimised campaign an advertiser can end up wasting a lot of their marketing budget without getting much of a return on their investment.

Added to this, advertisers will quite often use the Google Adwords platform for purposes that it was not designed for, like building brand awareness.

There are many different paid advertising platforms available, each of which can market your business or website in a different way. [...]

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16th February 2015

Webmaster Tools Data Ceases Updating for a Week

Have you noticed that your Google Webmaster Tools reports have not updated for over a week?

Don’t be surprised if you haven’t seen any update in Webmaster Tools since Saturday the 7th of Feb, because the data tools have not updated for anyone since this time, which has prevented them from viewing some aspects of their website’s performance during this time.

Although there can often be a lag in the information displayed in Google Webmaster Tools, often of around 2 days at the most, it is not typical for there to be a week long delay in the data update.

Users have been voicing their concerns in the Webmaster forums, but Google have not responded as to whether or not the [...]

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11th February 2015

Google’s Knowledge Graph Expands to Include Medical Content

Web users will soon be able to access a wealth of health information for over 400 different conditions at the click of a button using Google’s Knowledge Graph.

The Knowledge Graph provides instant results to searchers based on the semantics of their query, with the goal of providing an answer more quickly. It saves the user having to click on one of the websites that appear on the results page, and gives them an answer which is based on information derived for many different sources, including Wikipedia.

Google have recognised both that “one in 20 Google searches are for health-related information.”, and that it can be difficult for users to syphon through all of the results [...]

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